Michelle Moore
Transformational support through an extensive tool box of therapy and coaching techniques.
A unique Source Connected Coaching System.

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Are you ready to step into who you truly are? Full of colour and possibilities?
Through my unique Source Connected Coaching system, I offer the opportunity of support through life's changes. Often when we are going through major change it helps to have someone there to not only talk to but to offer practical tips and systems that create shifts.

Available on One to One or by Skype and you can find me and my techniques and meditations on YouTube.

Fears, phobias and personal blocks
Are you ready to break free of the fears that hold you prisoner? Are you ready to move on through your life, free from issues holding you back?  If you're reading this, maybe you are.
Through techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Wingwave, Source Connected Coaching, and Access Consciousness Bars I have helped people overcome their fears and phobias of many different things, from food to flying, from spiders to snakes, from driving to diving!

Love Your Life
Are You Ready to Discover How to Love Your Life More Than Ever Before?

Do you ever get that feeling your life could be better than it is… and wish you had someone to help you make the necessary changes?

Are you facing big challenges, changes or problems in your life and wish you could feel confident about moving through them and onto a fun future?!

Life is full of bumps in the road. Overcoming them can be easy with the proper support!

I’m Michelle Moore, a Hypnotherapist and Coach who’s been helping all kinds of people to navigate through life’s challenges for many years. I’m a clinically trained Psychoanalytical hypnotherapist with an intuitive knack for quickly uncovering the behaviour patterns that hold people back from living a better life. 

Feeling stuck? Transitional coaching will get you smiling in no time.

Imagine what your life would feel like with the support of someone dedicated exclusively to your success and wellbeing... Someone to help you to get focused on the solutions you need to get things moving in exciting directions! 

Imagine a life…

Filled with drama-free relationships that make you really happy
Free from anxiety, depression, addictions and unhealthy behaviour patterns
With a deeper understanding of yourself that motivates great life choices 
With healthy and balanced routines that you find it easy to maintain
Where you feel motivated to follow your dreams
Where you feel a deeper purpose for your life that brings you real satisfaction
Where you get to truly be yourself – no strings attached 
Where you feel like the universe has got your back and things work out easily!

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Are you read to ditch the struggle…? The overeating? The toxic relationships? The fear and anxiety? The unstable emotions? Feeling lost? Feeling unworthy of happiness? It’s about time! You deserve to be happy… and it’s much easier than you might think!

How I changed my life…

I’ve faced my fair share of challenges throughout my life; overcoming a lovely array of issues and behavioural addictions over the years… I’ve walked the path of (quite an eventful!) spiritual journey that lead me to develop a toolkit of powerful survival techniques and therapies. 

When I discovered how much easier it could be with the right help… things got a lot more fun!

So maybe ......

Work with me to grow and shift in ways you never thought possible. And so much more easily than you ever thought it could be! Release old patterns for good. Embrace who you really are. Start enjoying your life to the full. Step into you!

I know you’ve got more to give to yourself and to the world… I’ll show you how to find out what that is!   

Through a combination of hypnotherapy, psychohypnoanalysis, intuitive readings, energy healing, EMDR, CBT, NLP and more… we can work together to create an exciting future for you in the following ways: 

 Ditch your unwanted habits
 Develop your self-awareness and self-control
 Reinforce new life patterns like getting fitter or spending more quality time with yourself or loved ones 
 Gain relief from a specific emotional issue, let go of the past
 Heal, revitalise and regain inner strength
 Relax and de-stress
 Find more self-confidence to make those all important changes in life

I’m a multi-skilled Transitional Life Coach who focuses on:
 Fast and effective results
 Creating an incredibly relaxing experience
 Helping clients to achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time
 Working with whatever tools and techniques are most appropriate to you; including Hypotherapy, Energy Healing, Mediumship and Tarot Readings, Self Hypnosis, Timeline Realigment Therapy, Past Life Regression and more. 

I’ve helped hundreds of clients with:
Smoking cessation
Breakdown recovery
 Weight control with hypnotherapy
 Dealing with depression 
 Emotional support through long term illness
Support through the grieving process
 Increasing self-esteem
 Building confidence
 Understanding addiction
 Conquering phobias
 Overcoming anxieties
 Reaching personal and business goals

There’s an incredible life-changing power we can access when we uncover the secrets held in our mind, body and spirit…

….The magic isn’t in the therapy… its in the self discovery.

When you work with me I show up with true authenticity and the promise of 100% of my attention and confidential care. My unique capability is to access multiple realms and identify the patterns that appear through personal, family, spiritual, physical and emotional dimensions. 
It’s how I’m able to achieve such fast and powerful results for my clients who are truly ready for a change in their life. 
If you’re still reading this then you know it’s time to move past whatever’s blocking you and start living your life to the full. 

Transitional coaching is for finding your way.
Not my way, yours!
Its about finding your true authentic Self .

More and more people are waking up to the unlimited possibilities life has in store for us… if we’re willing to give it the time and attention it deserves. 

Sessions start at £75 for 90 minutes of safe space to explore, with my unconditional acceptance and non-judgmental Transitional Life Coach support.

There’s an exciting life waiting for you. Let’s get you there ASAP!

One to One Sessions
One to One sessions are 90 minutes long, giving us plenty of time to work on whatever is required.
You can see me in Uckfield, Withyham or Crowborough, or via Skype.
Weight Management
Weekend workhops:
WRAP wellness plan
Psycard reading
Who could benefit ?
Treatments Available

Source Connected Coaching for personal development
Wingwave Coaching
WRAP Wellness Recovery Action Plan
Past Life Regression
Soulflow purpose
Access Consciousness Bars
Energy Therapy
Psycard Readings

Spiritual path walkers
Healers and therapists
Those wishing to change their life due to:
Fears and Phobias
Driving test nerves
Slimming Goals - HypnoBanding
Fitness goals
Relationship blocks
Addictions - drug and alcohol
Habits - smoking, nailbiting and more